George Raposo

Assistant VP – 3PL Services

Attn: William Srenk and the Hirebox.ca team I have had the pleasure of working Hirebox.ca since I started working for Kintetsu World Express back in 2007.  They have made hundreds of placements within our organization, many of which our now full-time KWE employees.  We have also opened numerous distribution centers that Hirebox.ca was tasked with staffing.  Opening a new DC is a very stressful, but knowing we had Hirebox.ca taking care of our recruiting, there was never any doubt that we would have the staff we needed.  We rely on Hirebox.ca because we know no corners will not be cut.  We never have to worry about reference checks, criminal checks or any ministry requirements.  They take their job seriously and shows in the quality of candidates they provide.  William and his team take a great deal of interest in our organization. We greatly appreciate the efforts you’ve put in and the extra mile you are always willing to go for us.  I have had the opportunity to work with several staffing vendors but my experience with Hirebox.ca is by far the best.  I would absolutely recommend Hirebox.ca for any staffing requirements your company may have.  We will continue to use Hirebox.ca as our primary staffing vendor, or more accurately stated……primary staffing partner. 

Donato Atoni

Senior Director, Europe, Middle East & Africa (Former President Kintetsu World Express (Canada) Inc.)

Kintetsu World Express (Canada) Inc established its first DC in 1998.  We knew the success of our operations relied on recruiting good talent.   We were fortunate to have been introduced to 24-7 Human Resource Solution (Hirebox.ca) via a client.  Evident from day one was the level of commitment and most importantly the care that was put forward by Mr. W. Srenk.   Twenty years later that commitment and care is still present today.  The success of KWE’s  operations was always foremost in the mind and culture of the team at Hirebox.ca.   We look forward to many more years of success partnering with Hirebox.ca.   I have for several years recommend Hirebox.ca as service provider, and continue to do so today.

Tara Slade

Vice President - Human Resources

I started working with Hirebox.ca (previously 24/7 HR Solutions) in October of 2002.  I have always found both Wolfgang and William to be loyal and flexible partners.  KWE Canada has grown substantially over the past 17 years and Hirebox.ca was quick to adjust their services by implementing specific programs related to orientation, training and screening to accommodate our changing needs.  Hirebox.ca has been instrumental in our ability to grow our business and deliver consistent service levels to our clients.  I count on Hirebox.ca to continue to be our primary temporary services provider for many years to come. Thanks guys, you are awesome!

Dina Pidone

Human Resources

I must congratulate the staff at 24-7 (now Hirebox.ca) for supplying very competent laborers to meet the high demands required by Advanced Automotive. The professionalism and dedication exhibited by your sales staff enables Advanced Automotive to meet our staffing requirements. On many occasions, my supervisor has required additional personnel on off shifts and 24-7 (now Hirebox.ca) have met the challenges to supply highly skilled qualified people. It is a pleasure to deal with a caring company that takes the time to really understand our staffing requirements.

Tracy Zason

Manager, Human Resources

Maxim Medical Canada Ltd. has used the services of 24-7 (now Hirebox.ca) throughout our labor dispute. We have found their customer service exceptional and their ability to meet our demands during the dispute. The employees were dependable and had very good work ethics. If for some reason an employee was not up to our standards they were replaced at no cost to us. Overall Maxxim Medical was very pleased with the service and quality of employees.

John Hasselink

Operations Manager

Please let this letter service as notice that we have been using the services of 24-7 (now Hirebox.ca) for the past several months and to date we have found this to be the best personnel service we have ever used, bar none. The quality of the workers being dispatched to us has never been higher. The president of the company, Mr Wolfgang Srenk has been involved in the day to day operations at a very personal level and this makes all the difference in the world when trying to fill those last minute vacancies. As of right now Durocote Co. Ltd. is using no other personnel service nor will we. Should you have any further question please do not hesitate to call me at any time.

Dave Kiss

Production Supervisor

24-7 (now Hirebox.ca) joined Transcontinental Printing Inc. in May 2000, facilitating temporary employment at our Brampton facility. The staff at 24-7 (how Hirebox.ca) were able to provide our plant with a constant flow of temp general labor during the summer months. We appreciate their sincere efforts during our partnership and with great success in their future endeavors. Without qualification as both a colleague and individual, I highly recommend 24-7 (now Hirebox.ca) for your consideration.

Patty Karavelis

Human Resource Manager

Brake Pro Ltd. retained 24-7 (now Hirebox.ca) services during our labor dispute. Throughout the 8 day strike, 24-7 (now Hirebox.ca) was able to provide quality replacement workers for our manufacturing facility. They handled every manpower request professionally and were able to provide replacement workers at any time even with short notice. The work ethic of these employees was excellent as they were able to learn quickly and efficiently with limited supervision. It was a pleasure working with 24-7 (now Hirebox.ca) and the reassurance that they were capable of meeting our staffing requirements during our labor dispute. Broke Pro Ltd. would highly recommend using 24-7 (now Hirebox.ca) for all their staffing needs.

John D’Alessandro

Purchasing Agency at Petro-Canada

The letter confirms that 24-7 Temp (now Hirebox.ca) provided manpower through Lakeline Transportation to cover the labor dispute at the Oakville Refinery. The strike, lasted 6 months, required support from a service not normally common to our every day operations on this site. During this time additional manpower was required to move employees and materials in and out of the plant. 24-7 Temp (now Hirebox.ca) employees provided reliable and professional support for the duration of the dispute.

Martin Fisher


I contacted 24-7 (now Hirebox.ca) seeking machinists and millwrights to work at Martec Technologies. That same day I was viewing employee profiles and resumes of highly qualified personnel. The following day I interviewed, tested and hired 2 machinists, both were highly skilled. I was impressed by the concept of not having to wait, no lengthy contracts, short-term or direct-hire, all options were open to me as the employer. I would highly recommend this service to anyone requiring staffing. The quality of personnel dispatched to us has never been higher.

Maurizio Del Bono

Contract Manager

TNT Logistics Canada has used the services of 24-7 Temp (now Hirebox.ca) during our labor dispute. We have found their customer service and ability to meet our requirements and demands on such short notice, very exceptional. Wolfgang Srenk ensured satisfaction throughout the project. Like their name, they mad their service, experience and knowledge available to us 24-7. We found the employees supplied to be very dependable, reliable and having very good work ethics. The quality and experience of their employees was considered to be higher that the norm and very experienced. Overall, TNT Canada was very pleased with the quality and services provided by 24-7 Temp (now Hirebox.ca) staff and employees.

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mark Kay Cosmetics Ltd. has been using 24-7 Temp (now Hirebox.ca) exclusively for providing warehouse staff since 2001. We are very pleased with the service provided, and are very confident with the choice of people they have provided to us. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the staff at 24-7 Temp (now Hirebox.ca), and appreciate the partnership that has been established with them over the past year.

Bill Kitchen

National Sales and Operations Manager

As we are entering our hiatus period after an extremely busy season, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your company very much. You provided top quality temporary labor matching my requirements while being forced to deliver with limited advance notice. You, and your company, have been a critical component in our success to deliver quality logistical service for our customers on time and on budget. You have been diligent in ensuring a satisfactory fit with every candidate that we have received for the past two years. It has been a pleasure to have partnered exclusively with 24-7 Temp (now Hirebox.ca) since 2004.

Russ Walker

Warehouse Manager

I would like to thank you and your team for the quality people and service your company provides to us at NOCO Lubricants. You take the time to listen to our needs and address the issues in regards to the staffing of our warehouse. When the agency we were using at NOCO failed to get us people when we needed then, I recall how good a service you provided when I was in charge of the warehouse staffing at PACCAR Parts that I quickly called 24-7 (now Hirebox.ca) and had a quality person within 24 hours. Thank you for continuing to find the right people at the right time.

Lou Myles

President and CEO

We were delighted with the screening that 24-7 Temp (now Hirebox.ca) performed to ensure that the selected candidates that they offered us were suitable for the position. This was only possible by 24-7 Temp (now Hirebox.ca) taking great care to prepare an exact brief of what we were looking for. This resulted in us interviewing candidates which we were comfortable with. The staff at 24-7 Temp (now Hirebox.ca) were professional and friendly and a pleasure to work with. We have no hesitation in recommending 24-7 Temp (now Hirebox.ca) to anyone who appreciates a good staffing agency.

Tracey McManus

Director, Human Resources

Plexxus would like to than you for your help during one of the busiest time at our company - the move of the warehouse facility to the new location. The company's challenge was to conduct the move while not interrupting operations and to insure our member hospitals receive their supplies on time. Your personal involvement and professionalism of your team made it possible to meet our requirements for qualified temporary labor on very short notice. Wolfgang, it is a pleasure doing business with you and Plexxus appreciates your team's continued commitment in providing quality service to our company.

Melissa Kennedy

General Manager

Thank you for the expert service you provided to us here at Mulligan Marketing. You did a great job finding us a suitable full-time warehouse employee and you continue to provide us with suitable temporary warehouse help when we need it. We look forward to working with you.

Anton Plobner

General Manager

Gilbert Steel Limited is using the services of 24-7 Temp (now Hirebox.ca) in order to meet our annual peak period demands. The personal attention that the president, Mr. Wolfgang Srenk, and his staff dedicate to our firm always ensures a proper fit with regards to the temporary help provided. It is a pleasure working with this firm and would not hesitate in recommending their services to others.

Jasvinder Dhubb

Office Manager

24-7 Temp (now Hirebox.ca) have always supplied us with skilled and personable staff that fit in well with our team and fully meet our job requirements. I have always been very impressed with the quality of service I have received from 24-7 Temp (now Hirebox.ca). They are reliable, efficient, professional and - above all - truthful. This alone sets them out from much of their competition.

Bob Poloz

Coach at Woodbine Tool & Die

It is with great pleasure that I type this letter. Without seeming too over supportive of you and your team, you are the greatest, in your field that I have come across. It has been my lot in life to have utilized many such services in Mexico, USA and Canada. Let me say you are the best. It was a pleasure from the first meeting, you and your group conduct your business in a very professional way...truly World Class. When the need arises in the future you are my first choice.

Patricia Greco

Director, Human Resources & Sales Force Services

We have been using 24-7 Human Resource Solutions (now Hirebox.ca) for staffing in our distribution center since 2001. We have been extremely pleased with the sense of urgency and flexibility in their response to our needs as well as with the quality of people that have been referred to us through them. Given our long time experience with them and our "partnering" relationship, we would highly recommend the agency for temporary staffing or temp-to-perm status employment services. Should you require any additional information regarding 24-7 Human Resource Solutions (now Hirebox.ca) support, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Brian Wood

Vice President - 3PL/Freight Operations

Kintetsu W Kintetsu World Express (Canada) Inc. has used the services of Hirebox.ca from April 2000 to the present.  We have found their customer service exceptional and they have always been able to understand and meet our needs and demands.  In fact, in most instances, they go beyond the norm and continue to impress us in all aspects in terms of the demands we place on them.  Overall, Kintetsu World Express (Canada) Inc. is pleased with eh series and quality that Hirebox.ca supplies and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with them.  I strongly recommend them as a partner/service provider. 

Mo Morris

Distribution Manager

Hirebox.ca has consistently provided a high level of customer service. Your company has a dynamic team of consultants that consistently meet or exceed our company’s expectations. Providing us with great personnel, many of whom we have kept on as long term assignments or have hire outright. It is a pleasure to deal with Hirebox.ca, and our organization appreciates the quality services that you provide.

Rob Ivancic

Director of Human Resources

Hirebox.ca has been the “go to” recruitment partner for all of the Italpasta locations for over 10 years. Whether we need plant workers or administrative professionals on a temp basis or permanent employees, they have consistently provided us with the solutions that helped our HR department shine.  Thank you Wolfgang and Bill for taking the time to figure out what works best for us and for sending us trained, safety conscious personnel.

Michi Kawano

June 18, 2008 24-7 Temp Personnel Services (now Hirebox.ca) was brought to the attention of Toshiba TEC Canada Inc. in response to a warehouse personnel vacancy. On recommendation from Kintetsu World Express Canada Inc., we contacted 24-7 Temp Personnel Services (now Hirebox.ca) for assistance in filling this vacancy. We are happy to report we had experienced prompt and professional service which produced very favourable results.