One segment of the marketing strategy at is our Proven Process. This is an illustration of what the process looks like from the first day we meet through the entire length of the relationship

Welcome to’s 14 step Recruitment Process

Client Meeting

We always begin by meeting you face-to-face to discuss your business, your hiring needs, and how we can help.

Set Mutual Expectations

How many times have you started working with a staffing provider only to find out your way of doing business and their way of doing business was completely out of sync? Once we establish a relationship, we will agree on mutual expectations for working together, so we can always be on the same page.

Job Spec

We will schedule a time to discuss the specifics of the job spec over the phone, on our recorded call line. This gives us the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of your requirements, so we can find you the most suitable candidate. We will review the recorded call and develop a job spec, interview sheet, reference check questionnaire, and company pitch. Find out more about our job spec process.


The hiring manager is sent the job spec to review and modify. This ensures that our recruitment efforts are in-line with the hiring managers requirements

Develop a Search Plan & Go To Market

Once we have approval of the job spec, we decide on a targeted method of approach to find you the right candidate before we hit the phones. Our recruiters have an average of 70 touch-points per day.

Candidate Interview

We always interview candidates face-to-face in our office or through video calls.

Candidate Assessments

All candidates are required to complete an aptitude assessment to determine their abilities and their willingness to participate in the hiring process.

Radical Reference Checking

Our reference checks are extremely thorough, so there are never any surprises with candidates. Find out more about our radical reference checking.

Candidate Submittals

Our candidate submittal will include a summary of the interview, resume, assessments, and all references and certifications. Based on that information, you can decide if you want to interview the candidate.

Client Interview

Once you have received our Candidate Submittal, you can begin conducting your own interviews. We recommend on-site interviews between you and candidates, so both parties can get to know each other better. While some clients choose to skip this step because they trust, we recommend putting in the time to make a great hire.

Client & Candidate Debrief

After the client and candidate interview, we take the time to speak with you and the candidate to help us gain more insight and refine our process even further.

Candidate Registration

Registration is completed once an employer and job seek agree to enter into an employment relationship. Registration includes, WHMIS, Heal & Safety, Criminal Background Check, Updated Forklift Certification and all other Ministry of Labor requirements.

Registration documents can also be customized should you have a specific need.

Manage Offers & Registration

The recruitment process doesn’t end until the employee shows up on their first day of work. We will present your offer to the employee and make sure they are full registered and ready to work. Temp-to-hire candidates will have criminal checks, WHMIS, Health and Safety Training, and a valid Ontario Forklift Certification before their first day.

Candidate & Client Post-Placement Follow-Up

We will follow up at one week, 30 days, and 90 days to see if the candidate is meeting their performance objectives.

Contact to start the hiring process.