Hiring Process

Unlike other agencies, we don’t require you to go through hours of paperwork right off the bat. You will never be asked to complete a registration until we have confirmed and found you a full-time job.

At Hirebox.ca, we respect your time. Our straightforward hiring process allows you to focus on choosing the best opportunity for you.

Our hiring process:


The initial interview is one of the most important steps in the hiring process. It is the first step towards connecting the employer and job seeker and allows us to ensure it will be a good fit. We have two options when it comes to the interview. You are always welcome to meet at our office or, you can take advantage of our video interviewing options. With video interviewing, you can complete the interview from the comfort of your own home, with minimal planning or notice.


All job seekers are required to complete an aptitude assessment. Our assessments are completed online and are mobile friendly, so no paper work is required.

Reference Check

All candidates will be asked to provide working references. Previous managers, supervisors, human resources, and employment agencies are acceptable.

On-site Interview

The on-site interview gives you the opportunity to visit the actual worksite and meet with the management team you will be working with. This interview allows you to get to know the company, see the facility and fully understand what you are committing to.


Our registration platform is mobile-friendly and can be accessed in real time from any Internet-enabled device. Our software was designed to be user-friendly and ensure the best possible experience for all employees.

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